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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Its back!! Free Christmas! (Expires 4/3)

Who wants Christmas this year paid for, for FREE??
{Hand raised}

I read on a friends blog the other day that they were going to use Swagbucks to pay for their Christmas, and I couldnt help but think of how brilliant they are! So I decided thats what I was gonna do! Wanna join in on the fun?

If you have never heard of Swagbucks read details HERE and sign up for free!

If you have heard of swagbucks, but haven't signed up.. I recommend doing it now! There is a special sign up bonus that ends tomorrow (4/3) where you get 2 extra bucks on top of the 3 for joining, so you start off with a whopping 5 points! Very cool!

Hurry over to Swag bucks and start earnin mula for christmas! Type in the code MOMSBYHEART at the end of your registration where it asks for your swagcode. Swagbucks then will send you an e-mail asking to confirm your account, follow the steps, and when you sign in again you should have 5 swagbucks!!

Thanks, momsbyheart

Free personalized moms day card! (Shipping is $0.99)

Kodak is offering FREE personalized Mothers day gift cards! Make yours HERE. Use coupon code FREECARD @ checkout. (Shipping is $0.99)

Macys CRAZE! (Ends 4/5)

Macys has some great coupons out! (Valid 4/2 through 4/5)
They are called "Red Hot Macys Dollars" Where you can get:
$5 off $25
$10 off $50
$15 off $75
$25 off $100

ALSO print THIS coupon for and additional 15% off!! Holy smokes! So many coupons.. Ive gotta get over to Macys. See you there!

These coupons work with clearance items also!

You're Invited!

To the Easter Adventure @ Toys R Us! Kids will be receiving FREE gifts! For more details and a location near you go HERE.

Aerie April Thursday Freebie!

Remember my post a while back about Aerie giving out 1 free gift each month? Those of you that didn't read the post let me recap for a second.

Aerie is offering a free gift each month to those that sign up to be on their "A list." You can redeem your monthly gift on Thursdays only. 1 gift per person, per month. Go to THIS website and print the coupon & head into your local Aerie store and sign up! Its simple!

Free for the 1st 500 people only!

Get yourself a FREE People Yearbook 2009. 1st 500 people, so hurry!~