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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bare Essentials kit.. info

Did you order the Bare essentials 10 day sample kit?
If not..order your kit HERE and only pay $3.95 for shipping.

I just got mine today!! Yay!
Are you wondering why your kit is soo small? Read below.. for mineral make-up tips.

*As a make-up artist I want to quickly explain a few "Tricks" that many don't know about mineral make-up that will make a world of a difference, for you.

One of the key things is application. Mineral make-up is extremely pigmented and thick, and if applied wrong.. it can be a disaster. Many people don't realize you only need a nickel size (or smaller) for your entire face, and applying it in circular motions. There are directions in your Bare essentials kit, be sure to follow those.

Also, use the brush that comes with your kit. When applying mineral make-up you need a special brush with short hair that's bunched tightly together. This type of brush is necessary because it grabs the mineral powder and applies more evenly.

Alright, hope these tips helped!! Enjoy!!


BCassFam said...

I ordered one so I am super excited now. Thanks for the tips. You are a helpful full service savings blog.

Jennie B. said...

I ordered this. Thank you for the lesson! I love the bags you brought over! Thank you sososo much!!! You are awesome. Sorry I wasn't home. I was shopping. I love shopping. Thanks Tiffany!