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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mall Freebies!

Stop in at AERIE and get yourself some new underoos! Print THIS coupon!
Also.. on the Aerie website it says stop in on ANY THURSDAY of the month of march and ask about "March gift, summer tote".. and they give you one free!! (Value of $15.50)
** I havent tried this yet! But I will be going today :)
Anyone that knows details about this "March gift" please comment on how it works! Thanks!
**UPDATE!! I went and got these products!! Yay!! Join the "A-List" on the Aerie website, and tell your store rep you joined online, and thats where you got your free panty coupon(these are darling by the way) and thats also where they told you to go to your local aerie get your free gift.. the beach bag.
This is a cool program, they'll give you a punch card, where you can pick up a different free gift once a month!(Thursdays only)

Head over to Bath & Body works with THIS coupon for products from the True Blue Spa Collection. (up to $6 value)
This coupon says you need to make a purchase first but it can be anything! Which means you can grab the cheapest item in sight.. buy that, and get your free product!

Also, if you haven't already take THIS coupon to Bath & Body works and try for more freebies!

Thanks, Couponcravings.

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