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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reader Tip: Victoria secret Deals.

Just got a few HOT Victoria Secret tips from a (Sales addict.) blog reader Ginger.

"* If you join the pink nation (on their website), you get two coupons. One for a free something (usually a pink bag worth $19.50), and another for $10 off a $35 purchase.
* If you get 14 panties you get $10 with coupon.
* Also, if you sign up for the credit card, you get a free pair of panties.
* Last, if you purchase (I think anything, but I could be wrong), you get a
mystery gift card. Bring the gift card back between April 7 and May
10. Even if the gift cards are just $10, I got 15 pairs of panties
and a free gift bag for $30! Exciting. The pink nation coupons are
only good until March 31, 2009:) "

Great! Thanks Ginger for the tips! Always lovin a new deal find! :)
NOTE: I would double check with your local Victoria Secret store prior to leaving, to be sure these deals are available in your area.

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