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Monday, March 9, 2009

Walgreens freebies!

Every month Walgreens has free products after rebate.
For the month of March, these are the freebies!

Axe Hair Care: $5.99
Receive up to $5.99 Rebate
Final Price = FREE

Memory Formula: $19.99
Receive up to $19.99 Rebate
Final Price = FREE

Walgreens Wal-Zyr 24-Hour Allergy Relief (5 ct): $3.99
Receive up to $3.99 Rebate
Final Price = FREE

*** When you get to Walgreens ask the cashier to show you the rebate pamplet (its called the Easysaver book) And have them explain to you how to do rebates.. (if you arent familiar with them)
You can do your rebates online now, which takes 2 minutes. You'll have the option to get your rebate money back on a Walgreens gift card, or check through mail. Its up to you which one you do, the cool thing though.. is if you request your money through a gift card, Walgreens will PAY you 10% of what you are applying to your card. So basically free money! :)


When you purchase $25 in participating products (which includes Huggies)
You get $10 Register Rewards**. You can print online coupons for $5 off and $3 off!!(These coupons are located on the right side of my blog.. the blue coupon bar) (you can print a max of 2 each per computer) These are HUGE coupons!!

Deal scenario #1:
3 packs of Huggies Gentle Care Diapers (Sizes Newborn to size 2 only!)= $30.00
- Use 3-$5/1 Huggies Gentle Care Diapers, New total after coupons = $15
- Pay $15.00 out of pocket, get $10 in Register Rewards for your next visit = $5 For all three packages of diapers!!!

Deal Scenario #2:
- 3 packs of Huggies Natural Fit Diapers (these come in Sizes 3-6)= $30.00
- Use 3-$3/1 Huggies Natural Fit Diapers= $21.00
- Pay $21.00 out of pocket, get $10 in Register Rewards for your next visit = 11.00 For all three packages of diapers!!!

* If you want to purchase more Huggies for more Register Rewards, Make sure you do a separate transaction totaling $30 so you can get another $10 RR. Only 1/$10 Register Reward per transaction (For this sale)
Also, DO NOT pay for your multiple transactions with ANY REGISTER REWARDS, you will not get any printed out!

** New to Register Rewards?? A Register Reward (RR) is a paper that is printed out after your purchase on select promotional items, these register rewards can be used as cash for another purchase in the future. These do expire, a few weeks after printing.


Teresa said...

Great tips and savings. I'm doing my WAGS run today, so glad I found this. Teresa

Anonymous said...

I wish I had read your blog a few days ago. I did the Huggies deal. On my 2nd transaction I used my previous $10 RR to pay for it - so then none printed out. I'm fairly new to WAGS so I didn't know that was their policy. Dooooy.
Shannon in Indiana

Lance, Tiff n Ash said...

Thats too bad about the Register Rewards.
Im impressed you tried the sale being a new shopper to Walgreens.
The multiple transactions can be complicating and confusing, so its impressive you attempted it.
Ive come to realize you learn a lot about couponing through "trial and error." I sure know I have.
Keep up the good work!