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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I need YOUR ideas!

This may seem like a silly post.. but I need some tips/advice from you!

The cute little stinker you see above broke his crib a few weeks ago, so we had no choice but move him to his playpen. Well after a few weeks, the playpen is now breaking!! Yes, he is a rowdy boy!! Now our last option is to move him into a "big boy bed!"
Here's where I need your help!!
If you have any advice as to going about the "Big kid bed" change, please please share.. anonymously or publicly.. I'm a newbie with this, and need a little guidance!

Here are some questions Ive got:
- Is 19 Months too young?
- Would a small low to the ground toddler bed be a good investment? Or could we just use the full bed we have in there now, with guard rails?
- Should I get him a little step to get on and off the bed so he can get back up when he falls off?

Thanks guys, I appreciate your remarks!!


Carly said...

When my kids switched into the "Big kid bed" I noticed We just needed to be consistent and firm with them.

I put a gate in front of their bedroom door. This way if they woke up in the middle of the night, they couldn't come into my room. (Unless you enjoy that) I know for me and my husband, the time we had in our bedroom was 'our time' to spend together without kids.
Good luck!
Your little one sure is cute.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Whatever you do, Dont let him in your bed!! My little girl still to this day wants to sleep with mom and dad. Its Tiring and draining.

Anonymous said...

be firm and persistent, he gets up, you put him back down, he gets up again, put him back down, until he falls asleep. My kids would push the ilmit to see what they could get away with, if you let him get away with getting up and playing or watching tv, he will, and thats a hard habit to break afterwards

Arin said...

OKay so you can buy a safety railing for one side and push the other side of the bed up against a wall if you are worried about him falling out. My daughters all went into a big kid bed by 2-2 1/2 years and were fine. My oldest didn't like to stay in bed so we changed her doorknob so we could lock her in her room-i know that sounds pretty bad but it really helped us. We would unlock the door after she fell asleep-incase she needed to get up to go bathroom in the middle of the night. But she knew that once the door was locked-we meant business.

Sarah said...

Consistency is key! How old is your little one? He looks little! You're definitely in for a treat. Its tough trying to "Train" your child anything. Just be consistent.

Tiffany (Sales addict) said...

Thanks guys for the advice! Keep them coming!

Sarah: He is 19 months! Thats another thing I was questioning if he was too young! I just don't know! Guess we'll find out.

Anonymous said...

if he is climbing out of a crib than yes its time to move to a big bed, toddler or regular bed is really up to you, compared to a crib, a full bed will be nothing, just remember that if it can be done it will be, the bigger the bed the funner it is to jump on!!

Pam said...

Our son began climbing out of his crib before we could even get out of his room at about 17-18 months of age so we moved him to a big boy bed. We just got him a normal single bed and put a bed rail on it. He then began climbing over the rail and I was more worried about him getting hurt that way than falling out of bed so the rail came off. The transition for him wasn't very difficult. We let him choose his sheets for his "big boy" bed and he loved it.

Erin and Tony said...

I don't think he is too young, but it is a whole new game keeping them in bed. I didn't even use a rail. I had one side against the wall and used a pad on the floor at first in case Ethan fell off. He transitioned nice because he thought his new bed was so cool. However, he still attempts to come into my bed and I have to take him back. Someone suggested to me welcoming them into your room, but only on the floor and don't make it comfortable, then they realize their bed is much better than the floor. It's worked for Ethan sometimes :)

Jen said...

When my son was 15 months we moved him from his crib to a plastic firetruck toddler bed that we got at Toys R Us..it was awesome! He never fell out! I would recommend that bed to ANYONE! And i do!

Erin said...

Caylen was 15 mos. old when we moved her to a big girl bed. She's such an active sleeper she was getting caught in the rungs of her crib. We moved her into a queen-aized bed and put rails up. We've had NO problems since, until she learned to climb out recently. (She's about to turn two next week.) We just had to be consistent at first about making sure she knew it's her bed. We put in her stuffed animals, lots of blankets and pillows and some books to keep her occupied if she woke up. OH! We also put it up against the wall in a corner long ways to help keep her in. Works wonders! Caylen makes her a nest of pillows and blankets and sleeps really well in her big girl bed.

Alisa said...

I agree with everyone about consistency. We moved when our son was 14 months old, and I was due to have our second 3 months later, so we opted to start at the new house with a new bed. We did do a toddler bed, and he is 3 1/2 and still sleeps in it now. It did take consistency, and a lot of nights of him sleeping at his door, but he soon got over it, and just slept in the bed! It was heartbreaking for a while, but it is best for everyone in the long run. Our daughter was 17 months old when we switched her, and she has done well. It is up to you on the size of beds...I got both of mine off Craigslist and they were in GREAT condition, so the money wasn't really an issue. I would not invest a lot into it, because they do grow fast! (And, actually, my 3 1/2 yr prefers the queen size in our guest room!!) Good luck!

Candi said...

We moved our daughter from crib to toddler bed. She had no problems with it. If you are worried about falling out and don't want to buy rails, you can always situate the mattress on the floor. I completely agree with everyone else...DON"T LET HIM SLEEP WITH YOU!!! It's very hard to reverse it. It might sound harsh in the beginning but trust me, you'll be happy you did it! My daughter's 3 and still gets up in the middle of the night complaining about the train (we have train tracks about 1 mile from our house). Sometimes we're up 3-5 times a night. It's very hard. We're hoping it's a phase. You'll do fine. Make a really big deal about it. Big Boy Bed and start a new Bed time ritual. Enjoy!