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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Win 5 swagbucks!! (Exp 9/10)

Search & Win

Im soo excited about this! Swagbucks and I have teamed up, and are making it possible for you to get a whopping 5 Swagbucks!! (New Sign ups only.. Exp 9/10)

Ever heard of Swagbucks?
If not.. Lemme fill ya in REAL quick... It will be WELL worth your time.

Swag bucks is like Google, a search engine, BUT Swag bucks PAYS you when you search.. You can cash in your swag bucks for gift cards or prizes, etc. So basically, They pay you to do things you already do! I actually am saving my Swagucks, to pay for Christmas this year!

Bonus: When you refer friends, you can win more bucks. If you are referring friends, it can add up very quickly. *Its a good idea to make swagbucks your homepage, or tool bar so you remember.

Here's what ya do:

There is a special sign up bonus that ends 9/10/09 where you get 2 extra bucks ontop of the 3 for joining, so you start off with a whopping 5 points! Very cool! Click HERE to sign up for swagbucks (free!) Type in the code "Swagaddict: at the end of your registration where it asks for your swagcode. Swagbucks then will send you an e-mail asking to confirm your account, follow the steps, and when you sign in again you should have 5 swagbucks!!

Enjoy your free codes and spread the word to all your friends!


Mkcoy said...

Hi how you doing? That's great how they done that for you! :D I wish they would do that for me too but I wish you all the best with it. I'm blogging about my use with Swag Bucks. I think it can help out at xmas but trying hard to get them Swagbucks. But having fun still.
All the best!


Mkcoy said...

By the way I see you use CashCrate too. I wonder if I know you do you frequent the forums ever? I'd like to link to your blog from mine if that's ok? Thanks.