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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jewelry: 70% off + another 70% off in cart!!

*Update: Deal is dead!
Kmart.com has amazing Jewelry clearance right now!! They're priced at 70% off, but once you add item to cart you get an ADDITIONAL 70% off!! Insane!
: Use code KMART5OFF50 for $5 off $50 or more.. this is $50 once added to cart.. before the 2nd 70% off price.

Here are some items:
14k Dragonfly Earrings for $6.30 (Reg. 69.99)
14k Pink enameled flower earrings for $6.30 (Reg $69.99)
14k Tinkerbell Earrings for $8.10 (Reg $89.99)
SS Tinkerbell Earrings for $5.40 (Reg $59.99)
10k Tinkerbell pendant for $10.80 (Reg $119.99)

1/4ct Diamond earrings for $30.60 (Reg $339.99)
1/4ct Princess cut earrings for $27.90 (Reg $309.99)
1ct Diamond solitaire for $604.80 (Reg $6,719.99)
1ct Diamond studs for $150.30 (Reg $1,669.99)

(Thanks, SD!)


Pam said...

Do you know how long this lasts? :)

FrugalBeagle said...

I wonder if this is over because when I go over to the site I'm not getting the additional 70% off.

Keelee said...

i am not getting the 70% either.

Anonymous said...

you got the original 70% off and when you check out it gives another 70% off! I got the earrings at that price