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Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Bath & Body Works Freebies!

Another great coupon for ya at bath and Body works!!

Take THIS coupon and get a ($5 value) Free Signature Collection Travel Size item with ANY purchase. (Exp 7/15/09)
I would recommend buying something for a buck, near the registers.. or in the clearance section.

While you're there:

Dont forget the coupon I posted before ($4 value) Free Antibacterial foaming hand sanitizer coupon with ANY purchase. (Exp 7/5/09) Once again, grab the cheapest item you can find and get your freebie!

Note: I highly doubt your Bath & Body Works will allow you to use both coupons in one transaction. You could always try it, and see what they say. Otherwise: Just do two separate transactions.


Keelee said...

I have been having my whole family going to the store each day to get these great deals. I have felt a little guilty getting so many, but is there a limit? I am only going once a day, but I do get some grouchy looks from some of the gals working there. Should I really feel bad? I do spend a good deal of money there on other occasions.

Anonymous said...

Keelee, Don't feel bad I had "13 tranactions" in one trip. Some associates love me, others don't care. I usually go to the bank and get correct change for each tranaction. I give my email address and phone number on a piece of paper so they don't have to ask. Like yourself, I spend a LOT of money there. I've got receipts and product to prove it! I too felt guilty, I called BBW customer service. The rep said it was ok. I think it's good for business. I have gotten at least three friends and family hooked on BBW. I give product, coupons & surveys to friends, family. I also give coupons & surveys to strangers I meet in the store. They should be paying me for the free advertising!CD in MS. BTW found this yesterday......http://f.chtah.com/i/34/528207786/20090630_coupon.html

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I love free stuff! Anon: Where'd you find that coupon?