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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update on Korres previous post.

Those of you that got in on the Korres deal I posted about a few days ago.. Heres the latest on that. Korres apparently made a typo (a big one at that) and instead of the deal being free cosmetic bag with ANY purchase, it was intended to be for any purchase over $25!
This being such a BIG typo, Korres is taking full action to make sure their customers are still satisfied. If you would like to read the e-mail that was sent out with all the details, and what they will be offering to those of us that ordered from them, Read details HERE.


Anonymous said...

I can't get the link to open for the details! What makes this even worse is that I just got onto my bank statement and was charged twice for my order. I already emailed customer service, no response yet. Thanks for the update though!

sales addict said...

The link should be working now. Thats frustrating they double charged you. Hopefully their customer service will get back to you shortly. Im sure they are in a scramble to get all the unhappy customers taken care of.. As you can tell by the statement in this post.
In all honesty though, I am impressed with the way they have handled the situation so far. It seems they are trying to take care of everyone and maintain a positive reputation.