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Monday, March 23, 2009

TGI Fridays Yummy Coups.

TGI Fridays has coupons out (Expire 4/30)
Here they are:
* $1 Entree w/ purchase of Entree
* 1¢ Appetizer at the Bar with purchase of any beverage

**UPDATE: I drug my husband to our local TGI Fridays today! Our server said we were welcome to combine these coupons. (He said in Utah getting the $.01 appetizer doesn't have to be at the bar, Not sure why.. but it made me happy)
So those of you in Utah, try it out..
(Those of you not in Utah, ask and see if they will do it for ya.)

** This is everything we got today, and the total price it came to:
1- appetizer Nacho platter.
1- chicken fingers entree
1- cajun chicken and shrimp pasta
1- Dr pepper
Total after coups: $11.09!!!
Total after tip: $17.09

1 comment:

The Gray Fam said...

Saweett,..I wonder if they would let us combine all of our coupons if we went out together???